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Transform Your Workplace: Elevate Well-being and Performance

Partner with Worklife+ for consulting, leadership development, and Wellthier Workplace certification to create a thriving, sustainable work culture.

Today's workplaces demand a holistic approach to well-being. Worklife+ understands this imperative. We provide expert consulting, leadership and team development, and a path to the coveted Wellthier Workplace certification – all designed to improve workplace mental health and well-being, backed by neuroscience and aligned with the US Surgeon General's framework.


Our Approach

  • Science-Backed Strategies: We leverage proven approaches grounded in neuroscience to optimize your workplace for well-being and productivity.

  • The 6 Pillars of Workplace Wellness: We target the key drivers of well-being:

    • Free from Harm

    • Work-Life Harmony

    • Meaning and Purpose

    • Community and Belonging

    • Opportunities for Growth

    • Leadership

  • Wellthier Workplace Certification: Demonstrate your commitment to well-being and earn recognition as a leader in workplace health.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Reduced stress and burnout

  • Enhanced employee engagement and productivity

  • Improved collaboration and innovation

  • Strengthened employer brand and talent attraction

  • Reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism

Ready to Create a Wellthier Workplace?

Schedule a consultation today to learn how Worklife+ can help your organization build a workplace where both people and profits thrive.




We are on a mission to make work and lives better. 


Beyond an app, we provide tailored human working practices for workplace wellbeing that elevate engagement and accelerate results.


Backed by data and science, every step creates a Wellthier Workplace™.

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